I love old pictures. The kind that you find in your grandma's house, wrinkled and faded from years of display, or buried deep in a shoe box under the bed. I love seeing the grandpa I never met, or pictures of my mom as a Catholic school girl, or my older siblings in their crop tops and high-waters. I wasn't there, but I feel apart of my family's heritage and history. I could spend hours pouring over pictures of me and my 4 sisters, dressing up in crazy costumes, or riding Whisper our Arabian horse, or about to capsize the paddle boat (which we managed to do multiple times). I smile now, just picturing it! And as a photographer, that's what I want for you.

That is why I LOVE what I do. Because taking pictures isn't just about the moment, it's about everything leading up to that moment. They say I do, but they first had to say hello. She carries a little life inside of her, but she's been waiting months to meet him. She stands tall and confident, but it's the years of hard work and laughter that give life to her eyes. Every person, every season of life, they all point to the bigger picture. My goal as a photographer is to connect relationally with people so that we can tell that story together. You won't see a lot of stiff poses, but my hope is that you see them. As they are, wherever they are in their story. 

I would be delighted to tell yours someday :)